• Appeal and publish.
  • Making leaders listen to the facts of our conditions and provide ways to making it easy.
  • Fighting in every way for the independence and future of the youths in Africa.
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  • to sell our the positive image of the African youth.
  • Rediscover our lost cultures and values thereby breaking racial, tribal and class differences
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  • From 2011 - 2017 we have been able to eduate and enlighten about 2Million Youths in the nation


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Who we are

We are the most versatile youth brands in Africa. In a short time of establishment we have helped and partnered with organizations in Africa to tackle some of the challenges facing youths in Africa.
We are known for our creative thinking, effective team and well carved out programs, all of which has made us more relevant in this struggle to put an end to poverty and illiteracy in Africa, as we believe that youths are the backbone to change.


What you need to know.

Every proposed project differs each year in other for us to cover more grounds, you can become a part of our community team.

Can you be a volunteer?

Yes, absolutely yes, we would be glad to have you ,volunteer in your community.
Email Us : info@hi9ja.org| Call:+2347037507436


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